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A new project for remote control....

In the process to save energy, I came to the point to turn on/off remotely my home appliances. So, this is why AHA was born. In this way, I can turn on things only when needed.

Let's begin with some part list:
 - 1 classic Arduino or a compatible board, like Seeeduino Stalker, if you want to add some additional features (save data maybe). The original project was done with Arduino Duemilanove

- 1 GSM shield, like

- RF relay (you can use 433Mhz or 315Mhz)

- RF relay controller

You can find Arduino code at my SourceForge site, under AHA folder: http://sourceforge.net/projects/enerduino/files/AHA/
I think the code is quite self-explanatory, it basically read the GSM shield for SMS messages (only coming from authorized numbers) and it turns on/off remote switches.  
In order to connect the "RF relay controller" to the Arduino, Seeedstudio site has very good documentation on how to do it. Anyway, if you need calrifications, feel free to ask me.

This is the "core", able to get SMS message and to process them:

The core is able to control, via 433 Mhz, some custom sockets. The socket is built with a RF relay and a little 12v transformer (in order to keep the relay listening for RF). When it gets the signal from the "core", it turns on/off the switch:

Here is an example of use:

So, I'm able to control with an SMS all my home appliances...:-)

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