Here I am, more or less a year later....a new project I'm going to share with you.
The project short description could be something like "Remote shipment pickcup system".
In other words, I need solve a problem: I need a way to receive couriers shipments when I'm away from home. So what I did is to create a system to interact with my doorbell :-).

When the courier pushes my doorbell, a phone call is placed to my cell phone. Then, I'm able to connect to the system (The-Box-O) through a data connection and do the following things:

- open a door/mailbox/gate while you can follow what happen with a webcam
- remotely read with a scanner the shipment number
- print a receipt

Here below some pictures to show you some details:

This is the box, containing the project.

Under the can see a Raspberry PI and an Arduino.

The attached barcode reader, with a 3D printed case

The thermal printer, printing the receipt

The I/O interfaces, to control microswithes and external servos.

The parts list is essentially the following:
In a while I'll provide also a link with the software:

  • a web application to  remotely interact with the The-BOX-O
  • arduino firmware to place calls, print receipts, control servos and microswitches
  • a script to control the barcode reader

Stay tuned...

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