hereyouARE - Agile Rescue Engine

Hi there, I'm here again with a new project.
Problem: I have two dogs. When we go hiking outdoor, sometimes I leave them without leash. I'm always worried about loosing them. I know there are plenty of tracking systems out there, but no one with the following feature:
  • subscription free 
  • open source / open hardware
  • low maintenance cost
  • smartphone application for tracking 
  • GSM tower (rough) positioning
The concept is: I'll probably need to use it one time in the life (hopefully never), so why I need to spend money for a subscription service. This is working with a basic mobile contract, without data subscription (even if, if you want, you can have an online tracking system).

Quick video about the Android App used to track down the device:

The prototype is built around the SeeedStudio Xadow and a Lonet Board, but I'm working now on a dedicated board....for the time being, have a look to the current format:

Then, now I have the new dedicated it is:

And also I have the design for a waterproof enclosure:

I'm working hard on the last details, like battery life, functions, and so on.

Maker Faire Rome ended. Great experience, thanks to all of you visiting the faire!

Update (5 Dec 2015): I have the case ready to be prototyped and I'm now going to do that.
In the meantime I'm fixing a couple of issues I have on the board and working on the sowftware. I hope to release it on GitHub soon.

Update (29 Jan 2016): Here below the first 3D printed protoype


I'm still working on fixing a couple of minor issue on the board, I'll release the code shortly (I hope....;-)).

Another professional 3d printed prototype:

Update (15 May 2016):

Finally, I published the code on GitHub. I think you'll see a lot of "strange" programming decision there, but I assure you, that every choice has been done to save bytes of RAM and FLASH...

I also added the possibility to use the HPRC 1100 case (waterproof) to be used with th board. I created a 3d printable mount available here:


Update (08 Oct 2016):

There is a new portion of the project: hereyourID. This is a RFID module based on an off the shelf RFID reader/writer (RFID module)

It is completely self-built, based on Adafruit Flora board, the code is already here:

Build instructions:


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  1. Any news about the development ?

  2. Hi,

    I'm fixing a couple of issue seen during the tests of the board. I hope to have this finalized by the end of next week....let's see.